June 29, 2010

First Annual Craft for Kids Fundraiser

 Thank you everyone who participated in this weekend's Craft for Kids Fundraiser benefiting the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. There were about 60 participated and all of us had tons of fun!! It was a great event! over 70 sets of Build-a-Bear kits were made that day. I can't wait to have a second annual BC Children's hospital foundation fundraiser next year!!

It was very heartwarming day, especially when the young participants did not hesitate to give up the bears they made to those at the hospital. The best part of the day was when some children asked me if they can come with me to the hospital to visit and deliver the kits to the children at the hospital.

I'd like to thank 24 Hours Vancouver, ING DIRECT, and Mt. Pleasant Community Centre for sponsoring this event. Also a huge thank you to all those volunteers who helped made this event so successful!!

I will be presenting the cheque and delivering the bear kits to the children at the hospital on Tuesday, July 13 at 1pm. If you are interested in helping me deliver these kits, please let me know. Children are also welcome to come.

Stay tuned for my next fundraiser for Mt. St. Joseph Hospital benefiting the Tapestry Foundation. This will be at the end of November this year. Pin It now!

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