November 28, 2012

MY HASHI Fabric Chopstick Holder

As today's Creative Wednesday project I am featuring an item I sold at a craft fair 2 weekends ago at the Nikkei Cultural Centre. I had to feature an item that is Japanese related in order to qualify for a table at the annual craft fair. My special piece of my table were cute chopstick holders called MY HASHI. In Japan, it is a recent trend to bring your own chopsticks to restaurants instead of using the disposable bamboo chopsticks.  "Designer MY HASHI" are even endorsed by celebrities in Japan.
My Hashi chopstick holder Stampin Up Ida Chan
The chopsticks are placed at the corner of the fabric holder and rolled up and tied tight with the side ribbon. The holder can even hold a set of fork and knife. It's a perfect gift for the tree huggers out there!  Stop the use of disposable utensils!! BYOU! Bring your own utensils! I hope to see Vancouver to follow this eco-friendly trend soon.
My favourite designs are the Flirtatious and Timeless Portrait Designer Fabric MY HASHI.
My Hashi chopstick holder Stampin Up Ida Chan

I'll have one more craft fair for the 2012 holiday. My next table will be at the Buckingham Elementary School Craft Fair on Saturday, December 1, 2012 from 10am - 3pm.
Buckingham Elementary School
6066 Buckingham Drive, Burnaby, BC

Drop by for a visit or come to get a closer view of MY HASHI.

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