February 24, 2012

My start with rubber stamps

I believe I've never mentioned how I got my start in rubber stamps. It was in 2006 when I worked in Japan as a teacher where I struggled with buying English teacher stamps for marking student work. To my surprise when I asked another English teacher what she used, that I discovered the art of carving rubber stamps. She showed me all the rubber stamps she carved out of rubber blocks and immediately got me in love with carving tools. I was inspired by my students to put a smile on their faces when they received their marked work from me. Even the "needs improvement" stamps would encourage those students to do better.
Ida Chan's hand carved rubber stamps
Here are a few examples of what I did in Japan. 

Carving rubber stamps is such a fun yet delicate art where there can be no mistakes. Once the block is scratched, you can't go back. It takes a lot of patience and concentration.

I actually didn't venture onto cardmaking and scrapbooking until I returned to Vancouver, BC from Japan. I wanted to continue with carving but ever since I went to my first Stampin' Up! open house, I couldn't go back to carving. Hopefully one day I can return to making my own rubber stamps. Perhaps start a new group to carve rubber stamps in Vancouver.

What was your inspiration? and what got you started with rubber stamping?

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