August 25, 2013

Presenting the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit

Undefined Stamp Carving Kit, Stampin' Up! Vancouver

Ever felt that that specific stamp you are looking for is not available anywhere? Now you can turn your own images into a rubber stamp!
Stampin' Up! now has a stamp carving kit that lets you create the stamp images the way you want it to be. This is the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit $25.95 133402
I actually got my crafting start from stamp carving so I absolutely can't wait to share and teach you the ins and outs of stamp carving! Visit my previous post on my carving story here.

Ever since I started with Stampin' Up! I haven't had the chance to dig back into my roots! I finally have a chance to bring what started my craft out again and share it with everyone.
After 5 years of absence from carving, I still got it! I carved these Japanese inspired goldfish. These goldfish took less than 5 minutes each to carve. Carving is actually very simple but requires a higher level of concentration when it comes to detailing.
Goldfish stamp carved by Ida Chan, Vancouver BC
And of course, I couldn't wait to use these goldfish stamps. I didn't care about any embellishments on this bookmark. I had to get stamping right away. What do you think?
I'm hoping to start a new monthly stamp carving club soon. It'll be a great opportunity to teach carving tips and share design ideas. Would you be interested in joining me at my stamp carving club?
goldfish stamp carved by Ida Chan, Vancouver BC

View the video of the Undefined Stamp Carving kit.
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