May 6, 2012

My scrapbook sequence

Where do you put your photos that are waiting to be scrapbooked?

I put mine in a photo album. But even the simpliest looking store-bought photo album needs work. I covered the front of my photo album with a piece of chipboard and dressed it up with a the Timeless Portrait designer series paper then accessorized and stamped the rest.

I decorate my photo album so I can be inspired to pick up the album and scrapbook the photos inside.
So today, as inspired by the album cover page, I started my scrapbook layout with the Timeless Portrait designer series paper (as found on the retiring accessories list.)

With this layout, I wanted to highlight the sequence of tagging two "lucky stumps" at a temple in Japan. There's a saying where if you tag the stumps 100 times, your dreams will come true. Too bad I didn't finish the 100 tags.

Perhaps if I flip to this page 100 times my dreams will come true.

How do you organize your photos before they get scrapbooked? Pin It now!

1 comment:

  1. I put mine in a safe place near my scrapbooking materials. I like to arrange them in sequence too, so I know which one should come first when my scrapbooking mood kicks in. Anyway, your design is beautiful, and I would love to see more of it. Happy scrapbooking!

    Harry Newton @ All Scrapbook Steals