August 13, 2010

Have it all for less!

Embellishment Share: Series 1

I know you're all very excited about the new colors! and want it all! To help you get started with filling up your collection of colors, I'm starting a series of group product share. I'm sure many of you familiar with daily online deals where deals are activated if there are enough participants. So here is what I'm offering.

In this series, get all the colors of the Flower Brads offered in all 4 color families. There is a total of 24 colors and you can get them all for $15 (plus shipping where aplicable). Your share will consist of 48 brads (2 brads of each 24 colors).

If you buy these separately it will cost you $56.67 after shipping and taxes. Get them all for only $15.

I will need 4 participants to activate this deal. Deal will close once the 4 spaces have been filled.

To participate, please contact or email me.
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