August 6, 2010

Where I've been

Sorry for the lack of update. As most of you know, I went to the Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah last month. Coming out of it, I'm now inspired and full of exciting new ideas!!

There are lots of great ideas from convention that I want to share with you all! So come to my Open House/Retired Item Selloff on September 12. I'll be selling off my retired items and displaying lots of fun projects! RSVP here

In the meantime, I'd like to show you one of the swaps I got from convention. Swaps are one of the biggest highlight of the convention. You'd make a bunch of cards of the same design and swap it like crazy with other who brought swaps to convention.
Here's one of the swaps I like most:

From the Kimono Kids Stamp Set #120498 (clear mount $20.95).

And I should share with you my venture with the Spam Sushi I had at the Powell Street Festival last weekend. Me and my summer kimono (Yukata)

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  1. Just because I'm curious how it tastes, I'm going to try to recreate the spam sushi! LOL

  2. it tasted like spam on rice...made me lost my appetite for the next 2 days...

  3. Totally curious about this. Spam is not my favourite food, but I might just break out and try it.

  4. just uploaded a spam sushi pic for those who are interested. :) Have a spammy day!